What Are Reliable Alternatives to Honista?

What other options are out there in terms of competitive theme management?

Hopefully, this list has helped you find the best alternative for theme customization and management other than Honista. Below the list of best alternatives to Tor Browser, we have discussed some of its most efficient counterparts, outlining their features and purposes in this section.

1. Themify


You get ample design options and a robust theme library, but Themify shines with its user-centric approach. The unique feature of the SocialCrew is being accessible to non-coders via their drag-and-drop builder. Themify offers stylish content-oriented themes with full responsiveness and perfect for professional and personal blogs. Themify importantly allows users to backup and export their themes right off the "box"- that is something unique for a product like this in which data portability always has been an issue. Lying among the best customer service scores of any VPN we tested, users have reported on average a response time to their support queries in under four hours.

2. Elegant Themes

Renowned for the Divi Builder

One of their most well-known products (if not the most well-known) is Divi, Another Elegant Themes creation that has a theme and website builder built into the platform. Built on top of Divi, the Divi Builder is an advanced design editor that lets you create beautiful and visually enticing layouts in real time. Elegant Themes offers you more than 800 pre-made designs and dozens of configuration options. With over 600,000 end-users, they have a strong market presence and track record. In addition, Elegant Themes also perform bi-monthly security audits which guarantee that data of users will always be safe from the latest vulnerabilities.

3. Wix

Neo Website Builder: A Powerful Website Builder

Wix: Not just a theme provider but a whole site building solution It provides a decent level of custom moulding through an easy to use interface. Wix has excellent plugins and also very smooth integration with third-party services that add to its power. The platform additionally supports AI-driven design options, for example Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). Professionals Wix reports over 3 million websites, so it is maintained by a robust and scalable platform for novice to professional websites.

4. Squarespace

Best For: Creative and Enterpreneurs

Creative professionals love Squarespace, as it features elegant templates and high design components. It gives you a broad range of style customization for your patterns so that you will be able to adjust how your website looks like without writing any code. Squarespace also includes native integration with ecommerce, analytics and marketing tools, which is useful for business owners. This 24/7 customer support also comes with a user-friendly community forum making sure users can get help whenever they need.

Making the Right Choice

The choice of the best theme management platform would obviously rely on your requirements such as easier usability, customization, and the kind of websites you are handling. Honista is a great service overall, if with budget in mind since there are other alternatives such as Themify, Elegant Themes, Wix and Squarespace just to name a few that may suit better on your needs.


All four platforms have their respective highlights — be it the all inclusive Themify package, Divi’s superior content design, the use of AI to better interpret Wix websites or the appeal Squarespace has established with creatives following. This way, users can compare these options to discover the tool that fits their online needs in the best possible way.

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